Demo Projects & Prototypes

Hydrogen mobility

Hydrogen infrastructures for bus and light vehicle captive fleets, as well as for publically accessable hydrogen refuelling stations.

hydrogen mobility

Autonomous site backup

AREVA H2Gen is a key player in a European consortium for the development of a generator that exploits 100% renewable energy sources and offers substantial autonomy gains for off-grid telecom installations.

hydrogen mobility

Storage of renewable energies

AREVA H2Gen is involved in projects focusing on the design of hydrogen business models for storing renewable energies and for leveraging “unexpected” electrical production.

hydrogen mobility

Research Projects

AREVA H2Gen research activities are eligible for the French research tax credit (CIR). Our assessment of the future-market needs of the sector drives our technology development. Currently we are developing:

High pressure PEM electrolysers
High-production capacity PEM Stack units of 1 MW / 200 Nm3/h and more