AREVA H2Gen hydrogen generators

A modular and standard product line architecture as well as tailor-made solutions that can be implemented
as indoor or outdoor versions.

AREVA H2Gen offers a wide selection of optional components to meet customer-specific requirements.

All-in-one standard product line specifications:


  • 2 standardized gas skid versions exist to integrate 1 to 4 stack units of 5 Nm3/h and 30 Nm3/h each.
  • Gases are purified by a heat exchanger cooled by a chiller at 4°C to obtain up 99.999% H2 purity.
  • All our generators are equipped with dry coolers for thermally regulating the process to achieve optimal electro-catalytic reaction efficiency.
  • Advanced reverse osmosis and electrodeionization units are included as standard to ensure water quality and to reduce water conductivity 0.2 µS/cm from a tap water source.
Each stack has its own individual and highly-efficient 50 kW AC/DC water-cooled rectifier.

Although average power consumption stands at 5 kWh/Nm3 of Hydrogen produced by the system, we provide a power reserve that ensures immediate availability of nominal production of the generator, as well as the ability to produce up to 120% of nominal capacity.

All our generators are PLC-operated via an HMI (Human Machine Interface) to ensure optimal safety and to monitor processes.

This solution provides various standards of communication protocols and can be connected to the client DCS. The electrolyser can be controlled using client parameters such as volume, flow, pressure, etc.

It can also be remotely monitored by the manufacturer schedule preventive maintenance operations.


Hydrogen Purification Unit
(H2 purity up to 99,999%)

Gas Analysis Panel

Outdoor Version
(20’ or 40’ Container)

hydrogen engineering

Technical Maintenance