ADEME participates in the implementation of public policies in the areas of environment, energy and sustainable development.

To help businesses, local administrations, public authorities and the general public further their environmental approach, the Agency provides its expertise and advisory capabilities. It also finances projects, from research to implementation in its areas of intervention.

Investing today for tomorrow’s growth

Against today’s global economic backdrop, massive and targeted investment in research and innovation is the sine qua none condition for sustainable competitiveness, growth and employment throughout the country.

The ADEME’s Investissements d’Avenir Programme (Investments for the Future) was initiated to meet this challenge for competitiveness and the emergence of a new growth model.

2014 – Bruno Lechevin, ADEME Chairman, declared that:

This initiative will boost the emergence of hydrogen as a storage solution. In particular, these solutions will help to better promote the production and development of renewable energies in France and throughout the rest of the world. It also shows the importance of the “Investissements d’Avenir” Programme (Investments for the Future), which has given us the opportunity to establish a new industrial player combining the flexibility of an SME with the soundness of a major company, supported by equity funds.

AREVA is a world leader in nuclear power.

The group’s offer to utilities covers every stage of the nuclear fuel cycle, reactor design and construction, and operating services. Its expertise and uncompromising dedication to safety make it a leading industry player.

AREVA also invests in renewable energies to develop, via partnerships, high technology solutions.

Through the complementary nature of nuclear and renewables, AREVA’s 45,000 employees contribute to building tomorrow’s energy model: supplying the greatest number of people with energy that is safer and with less CO2.

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2014 – Luc Oursel, former Chairman and CEO of AREVA, said:

PEM electrolysis is a solution that is highly-relevant as the based energy storage market is growing at an incredible rate. Particularly well-suited to the mass production of hydrogen, this solution offers considerable competitive advantages compared to traditional technologies. In particular, it meets the expectations of customers striving to optimize the use of local renewable sources of energy.

Smart Energies is a family group founded in 1937.

With its head office is in Paris, and in tune with the times, the group initially developed its activities in the oil industry before turning to hydroelectricity and, more recently, new renewable energies and hydrogen generation.

In the renewable energies sector, the group finances, builds and operates electricity and heat production sites in Europe from Hydroelectricity, Solar PV and Biogas.

The Group’s power plant portfolio is rapidly growing. Smart Energies plans to invest EUR 30 M equity in new projects between 2015-2017.

In relation to hydrogen generation, through its CETH2 subsidiary, the group developed highly-promising PEM electrolyser technology. In May 2014, Smart Energies, Areva and the ADEME joined their industrial and financial capacities and CETH2 became Areva H2Gen, equally held by its 3 shareholders.

2014 – Vianney de l’Estang, CEO of SMART ENERGIES, expressed his delight with this agreement:

We acquired CETH2 in 2010 to finance the first PEM electrolyser prototypes, and have supported the company over the past four years in its technical and commercial development. In a constantly and rapidly growing PEM electrolysis market, we are now delighted to be able to join forces with an industrial partner such as AREVA, with the financial support of the ADEME.