The hydrogen energy market, where hydrogen is used as an energy vector. Hydrogen is a good storage medium for intermittent energy production from renewable sources.

Hydrogen offers a number of promising future commercial applications.

  • Hydrogen can provide electric mobility using fuel-cell powered electric vehicles (FCEV) – an opportunity for development based on traditional uses for cars:
    • Capacities from 11 to 260kg/d of hydrogen demands with standard modular solution and more for special corses
    • Both hydrogen pressures of 350 and 700 bar for buses/cars and fuel cell technology vehicles
  • It can be used to match the electricity produced by renewable energy sources with the effective demand of distribution grids (Power-to-Power)
  • It can serve to provide carbon-free input to gas networks (P2G or Power-to-Gas)

When produced using renewable energy sources, it could also substantially reduce the carbon footprint of traditional fuels.

Hydrogen delivers the Energy transition

Our systems offer:

  • Highly-competitive, cost-effective solutions: maintenance costs are minimised replacement budgets anticipated
  • High PEM technology reliability and top-rate levels of guarantees
  • Installation safety complying with international regulations and standards
  • Simple and flexible technology which, when combined with intermittent renewable energy production, provides supply continuity via high storage capability

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