pv magasin highlight 2020
  • Flexible PEM electrolysis in the MethFuel project one of the “Top 5 Highlights” | “Gigawatt Winner”  
  • 1 MW PEM electrolysis operable up to 200 percent of nominal capacity
  • Grid stability through control energy with simultaneous production of hydrogen

“pv magazine” awards the most innovative projects and products of the trade fair exhibitors by an independent jury of experts at Energy Storage Europe 2020 in Düsseldorf, an international conference and trade fair for renewable energies and one of the world’s leading platforms for the energy storage industry.

The flexible PEM electrolysis system to be developed as part of the MethFuel project has been named one of this year’s “Gigawatt Winners”, making it one of the “Top 5 Highlights” at Energy Storage Europe 2020. Dr. Lucas Busemeyer, Project Manager MethFuel at AREVA H2Gen GmbH, is well aware of the significance of this award: “We are very pleased to receive this distinction from a recognised external institution, as it once again underlines the relevance of our development in the MethFuel project. It highlights the fact that the potential of flexibly operable electrolysers, which in addition to their energy storage and sector coupling function have additional grid-stabilising properties, is considered very promising by the industry. The award encourages AREVA H2Gen to continue pursuing the development path it has taken in order to make a decisive contribution with the electrolyser technology to a CO2-neutral energy system of the future.”

Xavier Daval, a member of the “pv magazine” expert jury and international solar and storage expert, confirms: “The solution can provide Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) and grid stabilization. Once the energy is converted into hydrogen, it can be used for various applications in mobility or industry”.

The project is a PEM electrolysis system with a nominal output of 1 MW and an overload capacity of 100 percent. In the future, the system will operate at up to 200 percent (up to 2 MW) of nominal capacity at the site of Industriepark Höchst. By coordinating both the entire MethFuel project and the “Flexible PEM electrolysis” work package within MethFuel, AREVA H2Gen gains valuable expertise through intensive collaboration with the project partners. 

AREVA H2Gen will take the award on behalf of the participating project partners and present the project on 11.03.2020 at the Energy Storage Europe 2020 in Düsseldorf.

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Photo: Areva H2Gen GmbH

The flexible and scalable electrolysis system of AREVA H2Gen is an important element for the growing hydrogen economy, which is based on “green” hydrogen from renewable energies.

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